Training for an 8000M peak – interview with seane

Rowan Smith, our partner and trusted training specalist, from Summit Strength interview Seane Pieper on his podcast.  They discussed insights around trekking in Nepal, training for a big mountain climb, honing in on nutrition and hydration and many areas which will be incredibly beneficial for an aspiring hiker, trekker or mountaineer.


You will learn

  • Why physical preparation for high altitude adventures is so important

  • Some great insights about the Manaslu region in Nepal

  • What workouts Seane used to get himself in the best physical position for his adventures

  • A couple of significant speed bumps Seane came across in his training process (and how he overcame them)

  • How Seane used a dietician to hone in his nutrition to best fuel his performance (plus a few simple strategies he put into place)

  • How Seane altered his goals when COVID struck to ensure he stayed motivated and consistent

  • Why reflection after a challenge is so important

To find out more about Rowan Smith and how he can assit you in training for your next trek, click here!