ExpERIENCE a new way in nepal

ExpERIENCE a new way in nepal

Registration page

Langtang valley and yala peak trek

Thank you for your interest in our Langtang Valley and Yala Peak Trek in Nepal.

To register for this trip please fill in the registration form and tick the declaration below. We understand that you may not have all the information at hand at this time. Fill in whatever you can and we will send a reminder regarding the rest.

Please fill out one form and one declaration for each person booking.

Please ensure you have read the trip information and the trek notes on the previous page. This has important information and dates.

If you have any queries about anything please let us know soon.

The information you provide on this page will be used to ensure that we can communicate with you and your designated contacts as efficiently as possible about the trip and provide the trip guide with information which will maximise your enjoyment and safety. All information will be confidential and will be destroyed at the end of the trip.

What Happens After I Book?

Once you have completed the form below you will be sent 2 emails over the next few days:

  • DEPOSIT INVOICE – You will be emailed a deposit invoice (10% of full cost) which you will need to pay to secure your booking.
  • WELCOME EMAILS WITH FORMS -You will also receive welcome email, with a medical form, a waiver form, a gear-list, a checklist and detailed trek notes attached. You will need to fill in the medical and waiver form and send back to us at your earliest convenience. The medical form needs to be taken to your doctor

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