Welcome to the second edition of the Himalayan Griffon… We hope you have all had a safe and content festive season. My home in the beautiful historic town of Beechworth, North East Victoria, fortunately, escaped intact from the fires even though the Mount Buffalo Fires threatened on occasions. I know this because my satellite kept pinging warnings as I laid in my tent in a blizzard just underneath Manaslu in Nepal, on a recce for a future trek and to finalise details for our Himalayan Sacred Lakes Trek and Retreat In April.


Having recently returned from Nepal, I get a strong sense that 2020 is shaping up to be a big year in Nepal, with a huge promotional campaign occurring and a new international airport in Pokhara nearing completion. Unsightly overhead cables are being removed from Thamel and underground more slate paving is occurring. There were very heavy snowfalls during this time, but amazing views. Check out some pictures of these in our gallery, including one huge banner made from rice and beans!


On New Years Day, myself, Sandesh and a small group of staff did a winter recce of routes around our Himalayan Sacred Lakes trekking route in Manaslu. We discovered some fantastic new campsites, (including a brilliant one in the pines near the Old Kings Palace in Sirandanda) and trails linking the Sacred Lakes of Nag Pokhari and Nyemje Pokhari to villages. We have incorporated these into our trek in April. We have also organised some great activities and celebrations for the trek with a local Women’s group. We still have a couple of spots left on this trek… so jump in. 


I met with our lodge construction partners Good Earth Global to finalise construction timelines and 3D drawings of our lodge in Dharepani. Our staff demolished the existing temporary earthquake structure on the site (with ice axes!). 


We have recently added a documentary on our Families & Children’s trek to Manaslu. It interviews children on their feelings about Nepal and includes some fascinating reflections on their time there and the differences in cultures. A great insight into how kids view their own life in Australia, compared to the more simple, less screen dominated Nepal countryside.
Watch Video!


Great News… My great friend and HGA lead guide Sandesh Tamang has been accepted onto my climb of Manaslu 8156m in September, with my friends and high altitude specialists Dan Mazur and Summit Climb, whom I climbed on Cho Oyu with in 2015 and 2016.
Sandesh and I will climb independently and carry our own gear, oxygen and food up and down the mountain. I have partnered up with our training advisor Rowan Smith from Summit Strength to get my old body into shape for this tough climb. Check out his website for more information.
There is a spot or two left on this climb. If you are keen to jump on board for
this beaut 8000er… let us know


Our treks range from introductory treks of 4 to 5 hours walking a day on formed trails, to challenging adventures in remote areas on unformed trails, snow and ice up to 10 hours a day on some days. Effective training for these, therefore, can look very different and will vary from person to person depending upon personal fitness and physiology. We have placed our treks into 4 categories, from introductory to challenging mountaineering and given some basic indications of the type of initial training that is appropriate… have a look at our training page for more information.
Perhaps most importantly, we have partnered with Rowan Smith, from Summit Strength, to offer you general advice and specific training tips and programs. I use Rowan for my high altitude training and believe he is the most complete training provider in the trekking field.
I encourage you to have a look at his website to find out what he has to offer.
Being fit and strong before the trek will help you enjoy it so much more and avoid injury. 


Himalayan Sacred Lakes Meditation retreat April 2020

24th April – 9th May 2020

In this new trip, you will spend time with the remarkable Jit Bahadur Tamang Lama in the remote and spiritual monastery village of Sirandanda. It will be a once in a lifetime experience, learning Buddhist Dharma and age-old meditation techniques with the massive mountains of Manaslu in the background. There are two spots left. Jump in soon to secure this remarkable opportunity!

Click here to find out more!

Manaslu Base Camp and the Larkya La via the Rupina la 2020 

18th October – 15th November 2020

This challenging, remote and high trek in October/ November combines dramatic and varied scenery, remote trails and high passes to the foot of the 8156 m Manaslu. It is what the Annapurna circuit used to be before roads and tourists….. check it out here…

Women’s Trek 2020

18th October – 8th November 2020

Our next Women’s trek with Helen Dobra follows the trail from the 18th Oct to 8th November 2020. The trek winds its way through remote villages and ends at the Sacred Lake of Nag Pokhari for meditation and remarkable views… check out for more details and images from our recent trek.

Families and Kids Trek 2020

15th – 30th November 2020

Following the success of our Families and Children’s trek, we will be running our next Families and Children’s trek into the Manaslu region from the 15th to 30th November 2020. Check out the video of our last trek to see the Children’s responses to the trek... It was an epic of snow, rivers, buffalos and giant swings! For those of you who would like to arrange your own trip with friends and families… get in touch.… it’s a great way to have an authentic, memorable and shared experience.

Mera Peak and the Amphu Labsta Pass 2021

In October/ November 2021 we are running a high, wild trek and climb to Mera Peak (6500m) and over the technical Amphu Labsta Pass (5800m) into the Everest region just under the iconic peak of Ama Dablam. This expedition is ideal for fit, budding mountaineers and hill walkers who want to experience the high Himalaya for the first time in a realistic way at a very good price…contact us for more details


We are constantly upgrading our website to include more information, videos and pictures from our treks. Click here to have a look at our updated site…

Yours in Adventure,